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  1. Can I host any domain name that I own with SecureCapture.com?
    Absolutely! Your hosted domain name does not have to be only a .com, .net or .org. name, you can host any valid domain name with us!
  2. Can I order (register) a domain name when I order my web hosting?
    Actually, you can Register a new domain name yourself, before ordering your web hosting. Simply click on "Domain Registration" and pay only $19 for a 1 year registration. Your domain name will be registered at GoDaddy.com and you will be able to access your domain name record and make changes anytime! Your domain name will be renewable every year for the same low rate of only $19.
  3. How do I transfer my existing site to SecureCapture.com?
    First you should order your hosting to be setup, then you can transfer your domain name to your account at Pagematic by simply modifying the DNS info on your domain name record. To do this, you must access your domain name record through the registrar where you registered your domain name. Once you access your domain name record, you need to modify the DNS info to reflect SecureCaputure.com's DNS. You will receive the correct DNS info in your "Hosting Setup" email, sent to you when you complete your web hosting order.
  4. Can I park and point other domain names to my website at SecureCapture.com?
    Sure. We call it Park-n-Point. Some say URL forwarding. For now, domain park-n-pointing will need to be ordered by phone at 949-888-4843. Each park-n-point is $1 per month.
  5. Can I point a domain name to a site somewhere else?
    No, we do not allow parking and pointing a domain name to another site off our servers. Your best bet is to simply host the site on our servers first, then you can point to it.
  6. Can I have Subdomains like subdomain.domain.com?
    Certainly. This is another great feature included with your hosting plan. You will need to set up your own Subdomains through your SecureCapture.com Control Panel.
  7. Can I change the Domain Name I am currently hosting?
    Yes you can. It is somewhat involved and requires our technician to change all instances of the current name on the server. Therefore, we will charge a nominal $15 service fee to make the changes. To change your hosted Domain Name, click on Tech Support link at the top of our site and provide us the current hosted domain name and the new domain name that will replace it. Please make sure to spell the domain name correctly. We will charge your account $15 and make the change. All you'll need to do is update the nameservers for the new domain name to the same nameservers you are using for the current domain name.
  8. Do I get a dedicated IP Address with my domain hosting account?
    Absolutely! Just another great feature you get with our incredibly low priced hosting plans. Only a small percentage of web hosts will assign you your own IP Address and many of them won't even tell you if they don't!
  9. What kind of content is allowed & NOT allowed on my Website?
    We do not allow any pornographic content on our server, including but not limited to nude photographs, explicit language, or sexual fiction. If an existing customer publishes pornographic images, we may issue a warning and/or suspend your account. Let's make this easy to understand: No site that promotes porn or nudity will be allowed on our servers, this includes BANNERS, CLICKER SITES, EDITORIALS, STORIES, NUDE PHOTOGRAPHS, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, SEXUAL FICTION, OR ANYTHING THAT WE DEEM INAPPROPRIATE FOR OUR SERVERS. If a customer publishes pornographic images, we will remove the site from our server without prior notice and all monies paid will be forfeited.
  10. Do you have a control panel?
    Yes. All hosting plans come with an industry leading Control Panel. This Control Panel is a powerful administration feature of your hosting account. You will make changes and add features to your account through the Control Panel. Please see the instructions in your "Hosting Setup" email for accessing your control panel.
  11. Do you give me Telnet Access?
    Yes. Telnet is not automatically turned on when your account is setup. You will only need to submit our technical support form and ask for your telnet to be turned on. Please don't ask us to enable telnet if you don't know what it's for or how to use it. We currently do not provide info for telnet. Telnet would only be needed for certain tasks and should not be enabled unless you absolutely need it.
  12. Do you offer a Shopping Cart with my hosting?
    Yes we do! Simply access your Shopping Cart through your Control Panel. The instructions for using the Shopping Cart will be found in the Shopping Cart program itself.
  13. What are FrontPage Extensions used for?
    FrontPage Extensions are only required for those webmasters who utilize Microsoft's FrontPage web authoring software. If you use Microsoft FrontPage to design your website, then chances are you will need to have the Extensions installed. Please be aware that we do not necessarily recommend using FrontPage or the Extensions and can only provide very limited support for their use.
  14. How can I get FrontPage Extensions installed on my Website?
    If you did not already request FrontPage Extensions when you ordered, then you can request that we add them to your domain account for you. Please be aware that we do not necessarily recommend using FrontPage or the Extensions and can only provide very limited support for their use.
  15. Do you have NT web hosting?
    No. At this time we do not offer NT web hosting. We may be adding NT servers in the future and will post any information regarding NT when we do.
  16. Do you provide MySQL Database capability?
    Yes! All web hosting plans have MySQL Database capability.
  17. Can I submit my site to Search Engines?
    You sure can! There is a handy little tool in your Control Panel that will allow you to submit your site to several of the major search engines.
  18. Can I check my email using a Browser?
    Yes. Not only can you download your mail to any email program on your pc, but you can check your mail through a web based interface inside of your Control Panel. You can access your Control Panel through a web browser anywhere and check your mail. Even mail that you have read in your control panel can still be downloaded to your pc! Another feature not found with most other web hosts!
  19. How can I get my Username and Password again?
    You will need to submit our tech support form and request it. Be sure to enter the email address used when you ordered. We can only provide info to the email on the order form.
  20. What payment terms do you offer?
    Your credit card used when you order hosting will be charged on the same day of every month for your hosting dues. It is important that you login to your billing information and update it if you are issued a new or renewed card that you want to be used for your monthly payments. We DO NOT send monthly invoices, only receipts or notification that your payment has been declined and your info needs to be updated. If your hosting payment is declined, we will notify you by email. You will have 10 days to update your credit card info and make payment. If we cannot successfully run your web hosting payment within 10 days of your due date, your hosting account will be cancelled and removed from the system. If you are having problems, it is your responsibility to contact us and inform us of your intentions before your account is removed.
  21. Do you offer a web design service?
    Yes. For more information, please call us at 1-949-888-4843.
  22. What is the path to sendmail?
    The path to sendmail on our servers is: /usr/sbin/sendmail
  23. What is the path to Perl?
    The path to Perl on our servers is: #!/usr/bin/perl
  24. What is the path to my cgi-bin?
    The path to your cgi-bin on our servers is: /home/"yourusername"/public_html/cgi-bin
  25. What are my email settings?
    You can find the settings to setup your email account in the "Account Setup" email that is sent to you when your hosting account is activated. You will find other useful and important information in your "Account Setup" email.
  26. How does my master (catch-all) email account work?
    Your master email account is capable of receiving any and all mail sent to your domain. Example: mail sent to anything@yourdomain.com will download through your master email account. Therefore, it is not necessary to setup additional pop3 email accounts to receive all your email. You can setup your email account in your email program for as many email addresses that you plan to use. Simply use the same email settings, including username and password for each address you setup and want to send email using. The only reason you would need to setup additional pop3 accounts would be to use an email address independent from the master account and download mail to that address, independent from the master account. For example, an additional pop3 box would be needed for a person in your billing department to be able to download and send mail using an address of billing@yourdomain.com and be totally independent from the master account. If you must use an independent pop3 email account in this fashion, you may setup additional pop3 email accounts from within your Control Panel.
  27. How do I CANCEL my web hosting account?
    You MUST fill out the Cancellation Form for us to verify and process your request. This also provides us with a proper record of your cancel request so we can confirm.



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